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To prepare, our aspiring Data Engineers, for the emerging Data driven industry, demanding the best-possible skills, and to help them understand the huge distributed-data processing concepts with the coolest emerging technologies in Data Engineering.


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About Me

I am Arpit Singh, a tech & data-enthusiast, with 7 years of experience as a Data-Engineer, working in Big-data projects in Finance, Sales and banking domain.

I have built and delivered the Big-Data ETL Pipelines, for 5 clients, till date, using Sqoop, Hadoop, Apache Spark, HIVE, Kafka, HBase and MS-Sql.

I always look forward to learn and implement the newest technologies focussing on Big-Data.

Call it Big-Data, if it starts crashing your Excel and the DB

(simplest definition that i could think of)

-arpit singh

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